As a collective and shared platform, The Assembly exists to inspire and elevate creative bravery.

We believe Raleigh is a home for the New Creative Class — talented individuals with creative ingenuity, a maker mentality, who prefer professional independence to ensure their time is spent on work that matters — and The Assembly as their home base.

Photo by  Tyler Northrup

Our mission is to pay creative freedom forward.

By building upon the contributions made by those that have come before us, we have created a community that elevates individuals, supports creative ingenuity, and leads with purpose.

Designed for creatives by creatives, sometimes we work alone and sometimes we work together — we’ve been known to partner on a variety of creative endeavors. The flexibility and accessibility to do both is a beautiful thing.



It's worth remembering the new freelancer economy isn't about "temp" labor. Independent workers are increasingly strategic, experienced, and professional. They want more flexibility than a traditional employee, and in many cases they're getting it.